You can earn 5% p.a. daily interest on GXBank's Savings Pockets this Raya season

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In case you missed it, GXBank has announced that there will be a limited-time promotion for GXBank app users. From 10 April to 9 May, customers who deposit funds into their Savings Pockets will be able to earn 5% p.a. daily interest.

For those who don't know, the Savings Pockets function on the GX Bank app is similar to Fixed Deposits but not the same. Savings Pockets do not require a lock-in period, hence providing more flexibility for customers to retrieve funds when needed without the worry of losing their interest.

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This is open to all new and existing GXBank customers with fresh and/or existing funds in their Savings Pockets. Interested customers can put in up to RM5000 in every Savings Pocket, and each customer can create up to 10 Savings Pockets. It's that simple.

Compared with banks' FDs which are usually around 3% or less, this promotion looks like a great way to save and increase your daily interest. On that note, GXBank also said that the full Terms & Conditions will be available on the GXBank website on 5 April 2024. So we will know more details by then.