You can get a water cooler radiator for your iPhone in Japan from ~RM130


Smartphone performance is exponentially improving every year, but in turn, this also brings another problem - heating issue. As one of the basic rules of thumb, overheating your battery is not good for the phone in the long run as it causes it to decrease the lifespan.

Some brands have resorted to integrate a mini liquid or graphene cooling system inside the phones, but let's be honest it can only do so much and trust me, I have the ASUS ROG Phone and it still gets on fire (performance is too strong). But someone from Japan thought of an idea and it's actually mindblowing - a water cooler radiator!

Yes, it's exactly what you think. It's like a mini water cooler radiator for gaming PCs running on extremely high-end specs and at the moment, the water cooler radiator is only for the Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. According to the Japanese merchant, the accessories include a water pump with a flow rate up to 200L/h and a power of 1 to 3W. Besides that, there's also a set of soft water pipes and water-cooled heads and a transparent TPU plastic case.




Moreover, it's said that the water cooler radiator can be powered by the phone itself! It's hard to imagine how effective is this product but according to reports, the iPhone XS and XS Max version are sold out already, so that left the XR version only. Oh, in case you're wondering, the overall price is 3318 Yen (~RM130) including tax but don't think you can get it online (even in Tao Bao, those aren't original sets).

So what do you think of this bizarre water cooler radiator? Would you get one if it was available in Malaysia? Stay tuned for more cool tech news at

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