You can now pay RM59 per month for unifi Mobile 99 until end of the year


We are just in the middle of the week but here's some #khabarbaik news! If you've been thinking of subscribing to unifi Mobile 99unifi has just announced that the postpaid plan has been deducted to just RM59 instead of RM99/monthly! In other words, you'll be saving RM480 yearly (win liao lo). But that said, this also means that it's for new subscribers. 

Perfect for users who need consumes a ton of data on-the-go, the postpaid plan has unlimited data, network calling and SMS. For tethering, there's 10GB LTE hotspot pass every month. Also for a limited time until 31 December 2019, you get to keep your number and switch to a unifi mobile with RM0 upfront payment, as well as getting RM40 discount for your monthly subscription. Customers can opt to choose either a 12-month contract or none at all.


If you prefer other plans, there are also the unifi Mobile 59, 39, 29 and 19 for as low as RM19/monthly depending on your needs. Just like the newly unifi Mobile 99 promotion, customers can also keep their numbers with RM0 upfront payment.

For more information, you can check out this page right here to learn more. Stay tuned for more techtastic local news at