You can now take your complaints to the government on the new Respons Rakyat app


If there's one thing that Malaysians are good at, it's that we are excellent at complaining at the smallest thing especially if our government is not doing a good job. Well, you can now take your complaints to a new app called Respons Rakyat. It's is now available for download on your Apple App and Google Play Store. 

Formerly known as "Respond to People" back in 2016, this is a new app version and it was officially launched by our Prime Minister Mahathir, Malaysians can now download the app and file their complaints to 460 government agencies. This includes 25 departments, 257 federal government agencies, 13 state government secretarial offices, 149 local governments, and 16 public utility companies.

Users may upload photos, videos and even audio as proof of evidence, as well as chatting with the Person-in-Charge via instant messaging feature which can notify new announcements for the follow-up and progress of the investigation. Satisfaction surveys will be available at the app as well.



Got some feedback and complaints you want to tell the government? You can start straight away by downloading it on the Apple App and Google Play Store right now. Stay tuned for more local tech news at