You can now uninstall apps remotely through the Google Play Store


If you frequently use the Google Play Store, this news might catch your attention. Recently, Google Play Store rolled out a new feature that allows you to uninstall apps remotely. That said, what should you know about it?

For your information, this can be done by pressing the avatar icon in the Play Store and then going to the “manage app and device” settings. From this menu select the device listed and then see the applications installed on it. Select which app you want to delete and then press the trash can icon to start the process.

Screenshot 2024-05-29 124136.png

In addition to smartphones, this feature can also be used to delete apps on Android TV tablets and smart TVs. Another way this feature can be used is to delete apps that are used on a child's device for example that uses your personal account.

Previously, the Play Store only allowed users to sync apps that were installed on one device so they could be automatically installed on other devices. This feature has been tested since last year but was only enabled recently. You can also use it after the Play Store is updated to the newest version.


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