You can now use WeTV officially on Astro Ultra Box


Astro recently announced that you can now use WeTV on the official Astro Ultra Box. Of course, this means that you’ll have to add the WeTV VIP subscription to your current Astro bundle (for an additional RM10.50 a month). It also means that once you’ve done so, you can also watch the various shows via the WeTV mobile app.

For those who don’t know, WeTV offers premium Asian content such as Chinese dramas like Prosecution Elite (coming soon), You Jingru, The Love You Give Me, and fantasy-romance Lost You Forever (coming soon). There’s also Indonesian web series Layangan Putus and romance drama Antares 1 & 2; as well as many exciting action-fantasy Donghua (Chinese anime) including Soul Land, Swallowed Star, Perfect World and Throne of Seal. 

Check out the site for more details or to subscribe to WeTV for your Astro bundle. As always, stay tuned to for more news on tech.