You may now add Instagram stories to Facebook Dating profile to prove you are a real person


Dating apps like Tinder are helping you to search for ‘the one’ and many of the people are using such online dating services nowadays. Therefore, Facebook, the social media company, has also jumped into the bandwagon earlier by releasing Facebook Dating on Facebook. Now, it has a new feature that allows you to share your Instagram Stories as well.

The feature offers you the option of adding your Instagram Stories to Facebook Dating to let other users know more about yourself. It is also said to prove you’re a ‘real person in real life’. Facebook has been trying to integrate both of its apps which are Facebook and Instagram together. Earlier, users of Facebook Dating already being offered the option of adding their Instagram profiles into the service.

Facebook dating 1.PNG

To clarify, the feature doesn’t share all your Instagram Stories posted in one day to the dating service. It allows you to select each story that you would like other users to see for safety and privacy concerns. You may also like the profile if you enjoy watching their stories and wait for their responses to match with each other.

Instagram Stories is considered a widely-used feature on Instagram as it is said that there are 1 billion of stories being shared every day. Integrating the feature with Facebook Dating does make the online dating service more interesting to use. It also does provide Facebook an advantage to compete with other popular online dating services.

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