YouTube Create announced as a new video editing mobile app


A few hours ago, YouTube made a special announcement and hosted "Made on YouTube 2023" on its platform. Among the announcements, the most intriguing one is a new app called YouTube Create which will allow content creators to make videos on the go on their mobile phones.

YouTube Create was designed to assist first-time creators with their first few videos. So to make the process easier, YouTube Create is here to streamline and help fresh YouTubers create and share videos right on YouTube. It's currently in beta version on Android and only a few select markets have it. The app is also free to use.

Like most video editing apps, YouTube Create offers video editing tools to produce Shorts or long videos. This includes precision editing, trimming, automatic captioning and voiceover capabilities. Users of the app can also access a library of filters, effects, transitions and royalty-free music to use for their videos without getting flagged for copyright issues.

In other news, YouTube also announced a couple of new features such as Dream Screen which has AI-generated image or video backgrounds for Shorts, as well as AI Insights. The latter is a tool to help creators decide what the next video should be about. You can read the full details right over here.