YouTube Music new updates aim to make your playlist better


Google has been working quite hard to push YouTube Music in recent months. The team working on it just released a new update yesterday, with new features that focus on improving playlists. To achieve that, artificial intelligence (AI) and other collaborative measures were employed.

The first feature Google added would be the Assistive playlist, which is the one that uses AI to suggest relevant songs based on certain criteria. For example, if your playlist name is "Ghibli Soundtrack", it might suggest a song or soundtrack based on that. It will also suggest songs based on your playback history. You can now also share your created playlist with others so that everyone can contribute to it and make it better.

YTM_PlaylistImprovements_AssistivePlaylists_PR_1080x1080_NOTEXT_1.jpg YTM_PlaylistImprovements_CollaborativePlaylists_PR_1080x1080_NOTEXT.jpg

If you can't be bothered to make your own playlist, you could just search for one that you may like with "Mixed for you". It's also possible to search for playlists based on your mood or genres, such as 'Party' or 'Hip-hop'. Sound familiar? Yup, these are basically Spotify's "Made for you" and 'Browse' features.

Considering how widely used Spotify is, it's not necessarily a bad thing for YouTube Music to use the same features. But what do you think Google can do to make its music streaming platform stand out against the competition? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave for more news.