YouTube Premium family package plan's monthly fee increased over 25%


Bad news for YouTube Premium family plan users - the monthly fee just got a price increase. Good news - the Malaysian market isn't affected by it but we can't help to think it's only temporary. 

YouTube Premium family plan users got the announcement from their emails just recently. In terms of USD, the initial price of $17.99 (~RM85) per month is now $22.99 (~RM108) per month. That's an increase of over 25% and it's even higher for those who use an iPhone, which is $29.99 (~RM142) per month. 

Oddly enough, the YouTube Premium individual accounts remain the same at $11.99 per month. Besides the US market, other countries got affected as well such as Canada, the UK, Argentina, Turkey and Japan. You can view the new price adjustments below:

  • United States: $17.99 -> $22.99
  • Canada: CA$17.99 -> CA$22.99
  • UK: £17.99 -> £19.99
  • Argentina: Individual plan ARS 119 -> ARS 389 – Family plan ARS 179 -> ARS 699
  • Turkey (individual plan): 16.99 TRY -> 29.99 TRY
  • Japan: ¥1,780 -> ¥2,280


YouTube didn't give any explanation on why did the monthly fee went up, but if we had to guess - it's probably due to inflation like everything else. For context, the local pricing for YouTube Premium individual and family plans (up to 5 members) cost MR17.90 and RM26.90 per month respectively. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at