YouTube is now testing 5 unskippable ads to some users and they are not happy


Just when you thought YouTube is done with two unskippable ads for the video platform, it seems that the company is bumping up to five for a foreseeable future. Do note that nothing is final as YouTube just recently started testing five unskippable ads before the video starts playing.

Apparently, a few YouTube users have received the pilot test and started to share it on Twitter and Reddit. Obviously, the non-Premium YouTube users are upset about this. Originally, the ads can be skipped but now they are forced to sit through the whole five ads.

In response to the rants, the YouTube Team acknowledged the matter and replied to some of the users on Twitter. We got to learn that this new ads format is called bumper ads and only lasts up to 6 seconds. However, we think that's not really the case since one of the ads was already 12 seconds.

There are a couple of ways for YouTube users to get around this, first is the use the Premium membership that skips all ads and is able to download videos to watch them offline which is nice. The other way is to use the AdBlock extension on your browser (but not that we are encouraging piracy).

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