YouTube is testing new AI-powered features related to music


Having features added to platforms isn't anything new. But if there's a domain that many are wary of, it would have to be artificial intelligence (AI). In YouTube's case, the company is allegedly working on new features for AI-generated audio tracks.

According to an official blog post, YouTube plans to add a new AI feature to allow emulation of an artist's voice. This feature is named Dream Track and is supposed to help users generate 30-second music clips based on different prompts. Think of it as the music version of ChatGPT but with a time limit. Note that since it's intended for short music clips, Dream Track is primarily meant to be used with YouTube Shorts.

There's also a Google Deepmind tool called Lyria, which can generate a track you want based on vocally provided tunes or melodies. In addition, YouTube is working on a feature called Dream Screen to detect if an uploaded music track or clip is AI-generated. As you can tell, YouTube is very interested in the use of AI. In an age of copyrights, AI can be misused and result in unwanted lawsuits for the company, so there's a need to develop preventive tools.

Is YouTube doing enough to stop people from plagiarising the hard work of music artists? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.