YouTube will skip or mute your video to the end if you're still using an ad blocker

Screenshot 2024-05-29 094917.png 

Google is fighting really hard against ad-block users on YouTube. The company has tried several methods here and there but this one takes the cake. According to Reddit user SDHD4K, the latest tactic now skips your video to the end if you have an ad blocker turned on.

From his experience, using an ad blocker will force a YouTube video to jump to the end of it immediately. The only way to stop it is to switch off the ad blocker and the video will run just fine. If you manage to get around that issue, YouTube will also mute the video as reported by other Reddit users.

According to other Reddit users, the volume can be brought back if you adjust the volume slider but it will be muted after your mouse point leaves the slider. At the moment, this is an issue for those using Adblock Plus. Users who are using others such as uBlock Origin and FreeTube have fixed it.