Your Android device may soon be able to detect when you snore or cough

feat image android cough snore.jpg

Google is reportedly working on built-in snore and cough detection features for Android devices so as to provide more in-depth and insightful health data. Currently only available for Google employees under the company’s new digital wellbeing study, both features are part of ‘Sleep Audio Collection’ study which may be embedded in Android OS in the future.

According to 9to5Google who found the strings in a Google Health Studies v2.0 update that revales the new features, you must be a full-time Google employee with an Android phone to participate in the study. The report further elaborated that Google’s “Health Sensing team is actively working to bring an advanced suite of sensing capabilities and algorithms to Android devices,”.


These “Cough and Snore algorithms” will translate into a “bedside monitoring” feature on Android devices. Google also stressed that the data will only be kept on-device to allay any privacy concerns.

The goal for the study is to provide users with meaningful insight into their sleep with the audio collection being able to support this mission by providing data necessary to validate, tune, and develop such algorithms.

What do you guys think of these new features potentially coming soon to Android? Would you want your snore and coughs being tracked and recorded by your devices?

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