Your next selfie stick may just be the Hover Camera from Zero Zero Robotics

Hover Camera on  White-crop.jpg

When one thinks about a drone, they will think about bird’s eye view and cinematic video perspective – but not this drone. The Hover Camera from Zero Zero Robotics is more like a hovering photographer that will snap a 13 megapixel photo of you with a click of a button, but it will set you USD 600 (~RM 2358) to press that button.

Its main purpose is to hover and with the built-in camera, capture photos at your whim with the accompanying app on Android of iOS. It can capture images up to 13 megapixels, and 4K video footage. The Hover camera itself connects to your smartphone via WiFi. You set it to follow you around, and take pictures or photos automatically or manually. At only 238 grams, it is light enough for you to slip into your handbag or manbag, and carry it around to record at a moment’s notice.

Hover Camera Released off Hand.jpg

There are drawbacks with the Hover Camera at this point of time – it has only one camera, so it can’t use additional cameras to see around and avoid obstacles. It is also very limited – the built-in battery can only last 8 minutes fully charged, and it is expected to be expensive (about USD 600 or roughtly RM 2358) when preorder opens in the middle of the year.

Still, for something that is as small as a paperback novel, you have your own personal, hovering photographer in the background to capture precious moments – with you in it.