ZTE announces that device with second-gen under-screen camera is in the works

ZTE second-gen under screen camera cover EDITED.jpg

When we talk about the under-screen camera, we must not forget that ZTE is the first smartphone maker to bring the technology into the market with the Axon 20. After making such a brave move, the company is reportedly working on the next-gen under-screen camera.

According to the President of ZTE's business department Ni Fei, a new smartphone with a second-gen under-screen camera could not wait to meet everyone. Other than revealing the news, the president also mentioned that he has noticed many other smartphone manufacturers would be launching their own devices with the technology this year. As the first brand to make an under-screen camera commercially available, he welcomes the others to join the family.

ZTE second-gen under screen camera 1.jpg

For now, it is still unsure if the next-gen technology will be featured on the ZTE Axon 30 series or the Nubia Z30 series. However, both have rumoured to come with a Snapdragon 888 chipset. Besides ZTE, smartphone brands like Samsung and Xiaomi are expected to launch their first devices with an under-screen camera as well. Therefore, we can't wait to see how ZTE's upcoming device can compete with the mentioned brands'.

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