Zoom to remove 40-minute limit for free meetings on 26 November 2020


For those of us in Malaysia, the only relevance that Thanksgiving has for us are the sales that will happen on e-commerce sites like Amazon. But this time around we'll be getting some extra from Zoom. Just for one day, the platform will remove the time limit for free meetings on Thanksgiving.

According to CNN, Zoom will lift the 40-minute limit for free meetings from 12 AM ET (1 PM MYT) on 26 November to 6 AM ET (7 PM MYT) on 27 November 2020. Obviously, this offer would be most relevant for people in countries that celebrate Thanksgiving, but can't gather due to COVID-19 restrictions. With the restriction lifted, you can have a virtual meeting that will last for more than a day.

This offer is great because normally you have to restart a Zoom meeting once 40-minutes have lapsed. It's a minor inconvenience, but can still be disruptive if you have to do it constantly. You can remove the restriction by getting a subscription, but you need to pay USD 149.90 per year (~RM614) and that may not be worth it unless you can share the cost.

It's just one day, but would you be taking advantage of the restriction-free day? Let us know what you think about Zoom's offer in the comments and stay tuned to TechNave.com for more tech news.