Zoom will release a new Focus Mode to help students studying from home


For everyone who is working or studying from home, it is indeed a hard thing to stay focused due to various factors. With that said, Zoom has announced a new update coming up called Focus Mode. As the name suggests, this was designed to assist students to keep focus during online classes.

According to Zoom, teachers can use Focus Mode "to see their students' videos and students see their teachers without seeing other class participants". To add on, Zoom said this method can make the student study without being distracted by other classmates or "feel self-conscious about turning on their own cameras". This update can be enabled for accounts, groups and individual users too.

On top of that, Focus Mode will be arriving on Apple's iOS 15 too but it will work differently. Zoom said that users can create a new focus profile and have different apps and contacts allowed. This means that if your apps and contacts are not included in Focus Mode, then you won't be distracted by incoming notifications. iOS 15 should be released during Fall this year which is from September onwards.

Although this update is helpful for students, it might prove useful for adults working from home as well. Oh well, we shall see then. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.