iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 update now allow you to unlock your devices faster with a face mask on


Today, the long-awaited iOS update has finally arrived on our Apple iPhones and iPads. In case you missed it, the iOS 13.5 update alongside iPadOS 13.5 feature faster access to your passcode when you are wearing a face mask. As usual, you may find the latest software update in your settings there.

Apart from allowing you to get to the passcode option faster than usual when wearing a face mask, there are also other minimal updates. For one, there is a new Exposure Notification API which functions as a COVID-19 contact tracing apps from any public health authorities. How this works is that if you turn on the feature with an app from a public health authority, your iPhone will act as a beacon via Bluetooth and will keep a record of people who have been tested positive for COVID-19. So if your iPhone happens to detect one, you will be notified, although it's not known if any Malaysian health authority has already gained access to this.


Next, there is also a new update on giving you the option to control the automatic prominence on the Group FaceTime calls. In other words, the video tiles that you and your friends in it won't have to change its size when someone is speaking. Eh, didn't see the need for this one but alright.

As aforementioned, the new iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 may be found on Software Update in Settings. The file size is only 418.8MB so get to it! Stay tuned for more trending tech news at