iOS 16 will show live scores of EPL games and more ‘Live Activities’ on the iPhone lock screen

feat image live activities.jpg

The upcoming iOS 16 update will be coming to supported iPhones some time next month, potentially together with the launch of the next-generation iPhones. Unveiled during WWDC 2022, one of iOS 16’s most useful features has got to be ‘Live Activities’, a live notification on your lock screen that keeps track of things that are relevant to users such as the progress of an e-hailing ride, delivery orders and even the live score of sports games.  

Recently, Apple has updated its iOS 16 features page to give more details regarding Live Activities. For sports games, Apple said that Live Activities is available for the NBA, MLB and English Premier League (EPL) games in select countries, which unfortunately doesn’t include Malaysia. 


According to the fine print on the website, Live Activities for NBA and EPL will only be available in the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, live scores for MLB games will be available in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and South Korea. 

It is unclear whether live scores would be expanded to other sports  and other countries in the future, so we just have to wait Apple provide further information on the matter. According to MacRumours, Apple has also previously shown Live Activities for Uber, Starbucks and Nike Run Club apps. On the iOS 16 beta, timers in the Clock app also made an appearance in the Live Activities notification card. 


In the future, Apple will allow developers to utilise Live Activities for their apps, meaning that we might get real time info on our GrabFood orders and other popular apps in Malaysia on the iPhone lock screen. However, do expect a delay on the implementation of Live Activities as Apple has clarified that it won’t be available when iOS 16 is first released, but instead will only be included as part of iOS 16.1 or iOS 16.2. 

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