iOS 18 leaked - Major updates could bring big improvements to Siri


Image from MacRumors

As we approach Apple’s Wonderlust event on 12 September, rumours about everything iPhone-related are spreading like wildfire. Rumour suggests details about the iOS 18 leaked ahead of the iOS17 reveal. That said, what does the rumours say?

For your information, the company could release the iOS 17 on 22 September 2023. But that does not stop everyone from speculating about the next instalment. According to The Information, the iOS 18 could improve Siri with the use of language models. That would make the Siri smarter and more useful than being a glorified alarm clock.

In addition, rumours say the company is exploring more potential with AI use and how it could give Apple’s products more edge. Perhaps that is caused by Google’s positive progress with Google Assistant in recent years. Rumour also says the iOS 18 could understand and automate complex commands that feature multiple steps.

One of the many features that could come in iOS 18 might include voice recognition. Hence, you might be able to perform multiple commands with Siri via your voice. For instance, your virtual assistant can stitch multiple photos to create a GIF and send it to a friend via voice command

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