iPadOS 18 hidden feature leaked: Supports for APFS/ExFAT/FAT format exposed


Developer Kabel Cadle recently discovered that Apple has hidden a new feature in the "Files" app of iPadOS 18, allowing you to format external USB drives or hard drives into APFS, ExFAT, and FAT formats. This feature is similar to the "Disk Utility" app on macOS. So, what should you know about it?

In addition, the “Files” app of iPadOS 18 has added an option that allows users to always cache iCloud files locally. Previously, Apple would occasionally remove iCloud files downloaded to the local computer, but now users only need to long press a file or folder to see the “Keep Downloads” button.

Apple has released the iOS/iPadOS 18 Beta 2 update with two new features: iPhone mirroring and enhanced SharePlay screen sharing. At the WWDC 2024 Global Developers Conference, Apple demonstrated many new features and characteristics of iOS / iPadOS 18. However, these features were not fully launched in the Beta 1 update but were gradually opened to users.

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