iPhone 11 Pro made from parts of the Titanic ship could be yours for ~RM30590


In light of the recently launched iPhone 11 series, a Russian company which goes by the name Caviar has recently started offering customized iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max starting from USD7310(~RM30590). The reason for its price is due to the fact that it features a custom-designed back which features a piece of a popular ship called the Titanic, which was launched in 31 May 1911. Unfortunately, the ship sank during it's maiden voyage a year later on 10 April 1912.

But that’s not all, Caviar is also offering another customized iPhone 11 Pro but this time with a piece of Russia’s first manned spacecraft, the Vostok 1. As for the price, the Vostok 1 edition costs a jaw-dropping USD33810(~RM141467). If you are keen on spending this much money on a luxuriously designed smartphone, head over to Caviar's official website.


iPhone 11 Pro Vostok 1 edition


iPhone 11 Pro Titanic Edition

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