narzo 50 5G & narzo 50 Pro 5G Malaysia release: special launching price starting from RM899

narzo 50 5G_01.png

In just one day, realme Malaysia launched not one, not two, but a total of four smartphones. Among the lineup, the narzo 50 5G and 50 Pro 5G have finally made their debut here with a special launching price starting from RM899. The narzo 50 series initially were introduced elsewhere too so it was a surprise to get the new phones here as soon as possible. 

About the availability and promotion of the narzo 50 series, realme fans can enjoy some special First Day Sale offers at realme Malaysia’s Official Online Store on Lazada on 25 May 2022whereby both devices will be at a discount. If you plan to get the narzo 50 Pro 5G, you will bring home a pair of realme Q2 Buds (while stocks last). 

narzo 50 Pro 5G_ Pricing.jpgnarzo 50 5G_Pricing.jpg

For the discount, the narzo 50 5G and 50 Pro 5G will be slashed to RM899 and RM1099 respectively. As aforementioned, the starting price is RM1099 which is obviously the narzo 50 5G. On the other hand, the narzo 50 Pro 5G is RM1299. Since we have already covered the tech specs, you can check out our news coverage here. 

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