vivo NEX Dual Display advertisement revealed a new Rear Touch Pad feature for gaming


Some of you may have already heard about the vivo NEX Dual Display smartphone a couple of days ago. It was revealed in China and it's the world's first device that comes with a 6.39-inch front display as well as a 5.49-inch secondary display at the back. vivo Malaysia has sent us a teaser video about the device, most of them are familiar features such as the triple rear camera setup, in-display fingerprint sensor, and...a rear touch pad?

Okay, well it was already mentioned during the event launch but not many people are aware of it. According to the 30-second advertisement, the rear touchpad feature is a new feature for the NEX Dual Display allowing mobile gamers to have extra buttons to play certain games such as PUBG Mobile. Not much is known about the feature, but we assume that it should work similarly to the ROG Phone's AirTrigger feature that stays on the side of the phone so the rear touchpad should be customizable as well. In our opinion, the concept is a bit weird having your fingers touching the rear display but users can adapt to it. There is a potential that mobile gamers can even take advantage of it to get rid of the front virtual buttons and just use the rear touch pad. 

Besides that, the short video also showcased the ToF (Time of Flight) 3D Face Access and a Mirror Mode for photography purpose, allowing the subject to see how he or she will look before taking the shot. We aren't sure when will this futuristic flagship will arrive in Malaysia but until then, stay tuned for more vivo news at

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