vivo V30 Pro - The New Portrait Specialist


Nowadays, asking someone what they buy smartphones for would yield some predictable responses. Some people don't use their phones for anything specific, but most prefer using their phones for either watching videos, playing games, or taking photos.

Are you in the photography gang and are looking for a good portrait shooter? In that case, there's a new phone we think you may come to love. The recently launched vivo V30 Pro comes with a strong focus on photography and is equipped with cameras and features to help you to portrait mastery. Here's a quick overview.


50MP, 50MP cameras everywhere




You're here for the cameras? Well, the good ones are what you get with the vivo V30 Pro. This phone sports not one, not two, not even three, but four 50MP cameras. At the back is a new triple-cam setup consisting of a 50MP portrait camera, 50MP ultra-wide camera, and 50MP main camera. There's also a 50MP Selfie camera for all your self-portrait needs. So, what do these cameras deliver?

The rear portrait camera features a 50mm focal length for realistic and vivid portrait shots. It also has 2x zoom, so you can snap better close-ups without moving. With the 50MP ultra-wide camera, you have 6.25 times more pixels than the ones on many other phones. It also provides a 119° FOV and autofocus, making it easier to capture beautiful landscapes. As for the main camera, it has vivo's Camera-Bionic Spectrum technology for enhanced colour accuracy, optical image stabilisation, and a flagship-class image sensor. If you want photos with plenty of detail and accurate colours, this is the one to use.



15mm_vertical.jpg 23mm_vertical.jpg
50mm_vertical.jpg 100mm_vertical.jpg

Finally, there's the 50MP camera at the front. vivo calls it an autofocus group selfie camera, allowing the vivo V30 Pro to capture small group selfies with a decent 92° FOV. The high pixel count and f/2.0 aperture result in clearer and brighter photos, making it suitable for small group outings.


Advanced features to complement

Of course, the vivo V30 Pro wouldn't be a great camera phone without cool camera features. Like its predecessor, the vivo V30 Pro comes with the Aura Light technology. Now in its third generation, the light-emitting area of the Aura Light 3.0 is 19 times larger than version 2.0. The light is also 50 times softer than a standard camera flash. This makes it better at capturing details like the texture of a person's skin. Aura Light 3.0 can also automatically adjust the lighting according to AI recommendations.


The Aura Light can be quite bright

auralight3_before.jpg auralight3_after.jpg

Before and after using Aura Light 3.0

Another key feature of the vivo V-series is Smart Colour Temperature Adjustment. This feature helps the camera software to adapt the colour temperature based on the environment. If the background light is skewed towards blue, it adjusts the colour temperature for a more balanced result. Check the samples below for an idea of how it works.


Great looks too

Nowadays, a phone can be as much of a fashion statement as bags and sunglasses. Well, the vivo V30 Pro won't make you look bad when you're out with friends. Available in Petal White and Noble Black colours, the vivo V30 Pro looks chic and elegant whenever you whip it out for a selfie. The white variant also has a unique 3D petal pattern for a dynamic look. On the other hand, the black one uses fluorite AG glass for a prism-like surface that gives off a flash effect.


Love the wavy pattern here


Gaming, videos, it does it all

If you need the phone to do other things, like anyone else, the vivo V30 Pro has you covered. The phone is powered by the Dimensity 8200 chipset, so it can handle mobile gaming with no problems. Its beautiful 6.78-inch 1.5K resolution AMOLED display makes watching movies on it enjoyable too. Moreover, the vivo V30 Pro has a 5000mAh battery to ensure you can do all of that for many hours.

As you can tell, the vivo V30 Pro offers a notable upgrade over its predecessor. If you're looking for a top-tier camera phone for mobile photography, you can't go with picking this one. The vivo V30 Pro is now available for RM2599. You can also head to the vivo Malaysia website for more details about the phone.

What do you think of the vivo V30 Pro so far? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to TechNave for more news and articles on the latest smartphones.




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