vivo might launch its own virtual payment card as "vivoCard"

vivo card cover EDITED.jpg

After Apple launched the Apple Card as a virtual payment card that is linked to Apple Pay, several other Android brands also jumped on the bandwagon by announcing or launching their own. Now, it looks like vivo will also join the forces after Chinese trademark filings for "VivoCard" being spotted.

Before vivo, brands including Google, Samsung, HUAWEI, and OPPO have shown their interests in making their own payment cards. Among these mentioned brands, some already rolled out their offers in specific regions and are in operation. Samsung and HUAWEI are the two brands that have Samsung Pay Card and HUAWEI Card respectively.

As almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays and digital payment services are getting more and more popular, it's a no-brainer for the brands to introduce a card for their users to link to their own payment services. Not only do the users get to pay when their smartphones are not in reach, several features such as spending tracking, purchase notifications, and more can also come in handy.

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