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  • Acer Iconia Tab A501 Review

    Acer Iconia Tab A501 Review

    Overall, we are quite pleased with the Acer Iconia Tab A501 specs. Acer has managed to input some of the latest technology inside the Acer Iconia A501, and it shows in our Acer Iconia A501 review unit, making it one of the high end Android tablets available on the market to date.

    Acer Iconia Tab - Design & Build:

    We have the Acer Iconia A501 review unit on our hands and to be frank, at first we think that the Iconia Tab is a plain-looking Android tablet. But all of that soon to change as we play around with the Acer Iconia A501. The Android honeycomb tablet has a very sturdy body, and you can find the backside of our Acer Iconia Tab review unit wrapped in aluminum. The curvey backside of the Acer Iconia A501 add some comfort when we hold them. On the side of our Acer Iconia A501 review unit there are ports, including HDMI-out, USB, and headphone jack. MicroSD slot can be found at the top.