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  • Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop

    Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop

    After months of wondering what L starting dessert would be used for the next Android L, Google have finally and officially announced Android 5.0 Lollipop. Unlike previous updates, there are a number of huge upgrades to the mobile operating system and this includes a flatter Material Design look and feel and a new 64-bit compiler. Notifications are now floating in a Google Now-like card based system and they are both actionable as well as drop down. The 64-bit compiler will move from the previous Dalvik compiler to a more efficient ART compiler, which promises equal performance across all types of processors. The new ART compiler also promises nearly double the performance for some systems resulting in faster load times and performance along with support for larger than 3GB of RAM.

  • Android 5.0 (L) officially announced, features new design, faster 64-bit processing and more

    Android 5.0 (L) officially announced, features new design, faster 64-bit processing and more

    ndroid 5.0 was officially announced yesterday at the Google I/O event. While it still hasn't got it's official codename, the codename will start with L. The current Android version is still at Android 4.4 KitKat, so a jump to 5.0 should bring quite a lot of changes and improvements. While new features are on the way, the most notable features and improvements include:

    • Flatter Material Design interface: The new Android will look flatter with practically every element including the navigation keys being changed. Colours are more pastel and the overall design is flatter for a softer but more comfortable look. More animation will also be included. This design will be applied to all Google platforms including Chrome OS, Android Wear and Android TV.
    • More powerful Search: When you search for something now, the Search will also include usage from other apps like Google Earth to finetune your search. Other third-party apps will aslo be able to use this.
    • Recent apps menu: The Recent apps get a rework with bigger tabs and more clickable stuff. Again, third-party app devs will also get access to this.
    • More actionable notifications: Notifications are more interactive and can size up into a floating box when tapped so you don't have to open the app first.
    • More Contextually Aware: Want to bypass your lockscreen but forgot you're wearing your smartwatch? Android 5.0 will now detect it for you, and pass you through.
    • 64-bit ready: Through the use of the ART runtime, you can now run 64-bit apps with a reported 2x increase in performance. Some apps may even do better by up to 400% while you can now expect more RAM as you are no longer limited to just 4GB.
    • Console graphics: Using the Android Extension pack you can now expect graphic effects like tessellation and geometry shaders for console-like levels of quality in your games and apps.
    • Better battery life: Through Project Volta, Android subsystems will be better managed and therefore save more energy.
    • Better enterprise features: This includes Samsung Knox integration, bulk app deployment and better data separation and security.