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  • Apple Almost Fully Detached from Samsung?

    Apple Almost Fully Detached from Samsung?

    Previously Apple was quite reliant on Samsung for a number of components not least of which being their iPad and iPhone screens as well as their processor chips. Since Samsung is now their biggest competitor, both in the smartphone as well as the tablet market, it seems prudent that Apple distance themselves and they have apparently done so. Recently Apple decided to use screens from Innolux Corp for its iPad mini touchscreens. While Samsung was originally the one to sever this contract with Apple, it is a telling sign of things to come.

  • Activating LTE on your Apple iPhone 5 or iPad

    Activating LTE on your Apple iPhone 5 or iPad

    By now you should have known that Maxis 4G LTE is fully compatible with your Apple iPhone 5 and certain iPad models. To activate your LTE settings just do the following steps:

    1. Get your Carrier Update

    • Download the latest iOS (6.1.3 or higher). To update to the latest iOS tap Settings > General > Software Update.
    • Start the update. Tap Settings > General > About > Update.
    • Reboot the device. Make sure the Carrier is Maxis 14.1.
  • Apple iPhone 5 and iPad users in Malaysia get 4G LTE with Maxis 4G


    Maxis recently confirmed what many Apple iPhone 5 and some iPad users in Malaysia are now finding out. Those who were on the Maxis 4G LTE plans now have LTE speeds for their devices. Maxis officially confirmed this recently along with an update of their new LTE coverage areas as shown below:


  • Samsung Looking to Achieve Record-breaking Q1 2013 Sales

    Samsung Looking to Achieve Record-breaking Q1 2013 Sales

    When Samsung's Galaxy S III smartphone first came out, the goal was nothing less than world domination and the result was an awesome final quarter for Samsung in 2012. Based on this and other factors, analyst are now predicting that Samsung will reach a record breaking high of about 70+ million sales for Q1 2013. These analysts have noted that Samsung sold an estimated 25 million phones each month for 2013, which is also one of the factors predicting the 70+ million sales estimate.

  • Apple iPad Mini Malaysia Review

    Apple iPad Mini Malaysia Review

    iPad Mini Pros:

    A whole lot on the new iPad mini, and although the price is a little high (and you should REALLY think about the 32GB option for safety if you're thinking of getting one).

    The larger screen might not fit fully in a single palm, but from the smooth back to the Smart Covers designed specifically for the model, we're fans - pure and simple.

    The speed of the processor is perfectly acceptable and lag-free for all tasks, the UI is actually better-engineered for this 7.9-inch screen compared to its bigger brother and we're chirpy indeed about the battery prowess through harder use.

  • Apple iPad Mini Malaysia Release Date & Price

    Apple iPad Mini Malaysia Release Date (Expecting early 2013) & Price (about RM1020 to RM2050). Launching Event Happened on 23rd October 2012:-

    The Apple iPad Mini was officially revealed in an event on 23rd October 2012. The launch of a smaller iPad may signify a shift of Apple’s direction as Steve Jobs had rejected the smaller iPad idea earlier.

    Hopefully the iPad Mini will be have more significant upgrade or features to extract the buyers. The Apple iPad Mini Malaysia release date will be coming soon (expecting early 2013) and the iPad Mini Malaysia price ranges should be around lowers RM1020 to highest RM2050. See the photo below for the US price ranges.