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  • Apple iPhone 3GS Malaysia Reviews

    Apple iPhone 3GS Malaysia Reviews

    It’s been awhile since the iPhone 3GS was released and at the time many people thought that it was somewhat of a low-key upgrade from the iPhone 3G, certainly it was more of an evolution than a revolution.

    iPhone 3GS - Improved Performance:

    Everything that runs on the iPhone 3GS can run on the iPhone 3G, but the 3GS is significantly faster. I was skeptical when Apple decided to concentrate on speed rather than introduce new features to the previous iPhone.

    When looking at the specs, the CPU in the 3GS is clocked at 600MHz, compared to 400MHz on the previous generation. As well as this, you’ll be getting 256MB RAM compared to 128MB in the 3G. When you’re using the 3GS it feels a lot more responsive, and the speed at which applications load is staggeringly quick compared to what you’d get on the older generation.

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