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  • BlackBerry PlayBook Review

    BlackBerry PlayBook Review

    The BlackBerry PlayBook isn't just the third major tablet platform to launch, or the first one to deeply poke at figuring out why 7-inch tablets should exist—it's literally the future of BlackBerry, since the QNX-based OS is going to be the gooey software heart of BlackBerry phones in the next year or so. This is not a bad thing.

    BlackBerry Playbook - Design & Build:

    The BlackBerry PlayBook feels good in your hands, thanks to a soft-touch backside. RIM’s slate is a hair thinner than the original Samsung Galaxy Tab but is an ounce and a half heavier (14.9 vs 13.4 ounces). Still, you can easily slip the PlayBook in a purse or jacket pocket, something you can’t do with the iPad 2.

  • HTC Flyer Review

    HTC Flyer Review

    HTC has taken a different approach to its first tablet. Like the Blackberry Playbook, the screen is seven inches, this instantly makes it a far more portable option and at just 122 mm wide, it can easily fit into a pocket. This form factor also enables you to hold it comfortably using one hand.

    Construction follows the same unibody design as HTC’s handset range, but this time with white accents. HTC uses a proprietary port in the base for charging and unlike Honeycomb tablets it charges over USB.

    HTC Flyer - Android:

    When HTC announced that the Flyer would be running Android 2.3.3, we were surprised – surely it makes sense to run the latest tablet optimised version of Google’s UI? So although it looks like a big smartphone, it doesn’t feel like a smartphone to use - unlike the first Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • BlackBerry CEO Predicts Death of Tablets in 5 Years

    BlackBerry CEO Predicts Death of Tablets in 5 Years

    Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry CEO probably has the most bitter experience when it comes to making a tablet as BlackBerry's Playbook tablet bombed and continued bombing from the get go. Speaking from this experience he was quoted predicting the death of tablets in general in the next 5 years. His full quote is as follows:

    "In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore. Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model.-Thorsten Heins, CEO, BlackBerry

  • BlackBerry PlayBook 2012 Specs & Rumors

    BlackBerry Playbook 2012 Malaysia Specs & Rumors:

    BlackBerry Playbook 2012 rumors will be release by Q2 2012. The BlackBerry Playbook 2012 price in Malaysia is yet to be annouce.



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