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  • BlackBerry PlayBook Review

    BlackBerry PlayBook Review

    The BlackBerry PlayBook isn't just the third major tablet platform to launch, or the first one to deeply poke at figuring out why 7-inch tablets should exist—it's literally the future of BlackBerry, since the QNX-based OS is going to be the gooey software heart of BlackBerry phones in the next year or so. This is not a bad thing.

    BlackBerry Playbook - Design & Build:

    The BlackBerry PlayBook feels good in your hands, thanks to a soft-touch backside. RIM’s slate is a hair thinner than the original Samsung Galaxy Tab but is an ounce and a half heavier (14.9 vs 13.4 ounces). Still, you can easily slip the PlayBook in a purse or jacket pocket, something you can’t do with the iPad 2.

  • BlackBerry PlayBook 2012 Specs & Rumors

    BlackBerry Playbook 2012 Malaysia Specs & Rumors:

    BlackBerry Playbook 2012 rumors will be release by Q2 2012. The BlackBerry Playbook 2012 price in Malaysia is yet to be annouce.