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  • Maxis offers BlackBerry Z10 LTE at RM699

    Maxis offers BlackBerry Z10 LTE at RM699

    Despite being one of the first telcos in Malaysia to come out with LTE networks, Maxis are finally offering the LTE version of the BlackBerry Z10 from a subsidized price of RM699. To get this offer you have to sign up for the TalkMore48 or TalkMore78 postpaid plans with 1GB or 3GB data plan under a 24 month contract. Check out the table for more information.

    The BlackBerry Z10's retail price has dropped somewhat from the initial RM2288 to RM1899, which is probably the reason why Maxis is offering the smartphone at a revised price. If you need more information regarding this deal check out the Maxis site, however do bear in mind that other telcos are offering the BlackBerry Z10 as well which you can check through our comprehensive BlackBerry Z10 plan comparison tool. Alternatively, you can also check out other Maxis telco deals as well.

  • DiGi Announce LTE-enabled BlackBerry Z10 From RM1039

    DiGi Announce LTE-enabled BlackBerry Z10 From RM1039

    The BlackBerry Z10 actually comes in LTE-enabled and non-LTE enabled versions. While other major postpaid telcos are offering the non-LTE BlackBerry Z10, DiGi is probably the first to offer the LTE-enabled BlackBerry Z10. For us, it's a bit strange considering DiGi don't yet have an LTE service of their own up just yet, but its not as if DiGi haven't released other LTE devices before either (this includes the Nokia Lumia 920, BlackBery Q10, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, HTC Butterfly). For now, you can get the LTE-enabled BlackBeery Z10 at RM2288 on retail but with the various DiGi packages you can get the smartphone from as low as RM1039 on a 24-month contract. Check out the full details in the table below:

    DiGi LTE BlackBerry Z10 table.jpg