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  • Dell Streak 7 Review

    Dell Streak 7 Review

    The Dell Streak 7, a tablet that is marketed as a potent product to work, but also to play, watch video and “be watched” in video calls. The Streak 7 is also presented as an accomplished eReader and an overall multimedia device to consume music, photo and the web. Dell has always recognized that the smaller Streak 5 is an “experiment” in terms of form factor and usage model, but the 7” version goes head to head with the iPad, the Galaxy Tab and other tablets.

    Dell Streak 7: Design

    The Dell Streak 7 has a clean design. It is plain and feels a bit “plastic” (especially in the back), more so than the Samsung Galaxy Tab for instance. Unlike other devices, this one has only three Android buttons: Home, Menu and Back. The Android buttons are odly placed if you use the Tablet right-handed and horizontally: your thumb lands right where the buttons are and it’s actually easier to simply rotate it by 180 degrees and hold it from the opposite side. It works great, maybe except if you use the webcam. Even then, I tend to find the Streak 7 to be a two-hands device, despite its relatively small size (when compared to the iPad). With a single hand, it feels heavier than it looks, so keep this in mind.

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