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  • DiGi release new device bundles for DG SmartPlan

    DiGi release new device bundles for DG SmartPlan

    In line with their new 4G LTE enabled DG SmartPlan, DiGi have also revealed new device bundles for the Motorola Moto G, Alcatel One Touch Scribe Easy, Huawei Ascend G510, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia C, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Sony Xperia Z1. These include the DG SmartPlan 50, DG SmartPlan 78, DG SmartPlan 108 and DG SmartPlan 148. Bear in mind that since these are postpaid plans you'll still have to sign up for the devices under either a 12-month or 24-month contract. However, DiGi have simplified this somewhat by having all contract device bundles under the DG SmartPlan set at 12-months while the other three plans are set at 24-month contracts. Check out the table below for more details:

  • DiGi reveals refreshed DG SmartPlan with 4G LTE

    DiGi reveals refreshed DG SmartPlan with 4G LTE

    Joining the rest of the major telcos in Malaysia, DiGi have recently unveiled their new DG SmartPlan postpaid plans which will feature 4G LTE connectivity. While there was 4G LTE provided previously for the DiGi Broadband and Tablet Internet Plans, the refresh should let smartphone owners join the fray. In line with this, DiGi have removed their SmartPlan 58 and SmartPlan 88 postpaid plans to be replaced with the DG SmartPlan 50, SmartPlan 78 and SmartPlan 108 all of which feature data, voice calls, SMS and other common services. In general, the plans offer more data and a few extra features such as unlimited calls within the DiGi network during weekends and so forth. For more details check out the table and links in this article.

  • DiGi Offering "Google" Smartphones Contract-Free

    DiGi Offering "Google" Smartphones Contract-Free

    If you were wishing for a Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Nexus 4, Sony Xperia Z or HTC One without any contract but still at a subsidized price, then DiGi is the first telco to offer this type of deal. Covering four of the major smartphones in Malaysia, another thing setting them apart is that they all offer Google Edition versions although, we're pretty sure you won't get the Google Edition if you buy any of them except for the LG Nexus 4. While you won't be contracted for 12 or 24 months you will be signed on with a DG SmartPlan 58 but you can terminate the plan anytime without any early termination fee. In addition to this you will also get two months monthly fee waived. For more details on pricing check out the table below:

    DiGi Zero Contract Table.jpg