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  • U Mobile release HTC One bundles

    U Mobile release HTC One bundles

    With the HTC One officially launching last week, it was only a matter of time before the telco bundles came out as well, which is what U Mobile had in mind with these HTC One bundles. Considering that the HTC One is probably higher priced than most other smartphones of its class at around RM2299 it is great that U Mobile is offering the smartphone from as low as RM1488. For more details, check out the table below:

    UMobile HTC One Table.jpg

  • HTC One Malaysia Official Launch sees 32GB and 64GB Versions

    HTC One Malaysia Official Launch sees 32GB and 64GB Versions

    Malaysia got its official HTC One launch recently and it saw the Aluminum unibody Android smartphone get both the 32GB and 64GB versions. Price-wise the HTC One 32GB version retails at RM2299 while the HTC One 64GB version retails at RM2499. According to HTC, both versions should be available for the 4 major telcos of Celcom, Maxis, DiGi and U Mobile by early May. SenQ may also get it around this time while other dealers may get it a bit later in mid-May.

  • New HTC One update makes Camera even better!

    New HTC One update makes Camera even better!

    While the HTC One has already received an update to make it's Ultrapixel camera better (in that case, less blurry daytime shots) it recently received a new update that makes the HTC One camera performance even better. Below are the listed improvements for the firmware update version 1.29.401.13:

    • Improvement to sound capture with Zoe
    • Noise reduction in slow motion movie capture
    • Improved color reproduction and dynamic range (reduced over-exposure in non-HDR images) in certain conditions
    • Fix to display correct ISO in EXIF information when ISO settings are manually changed by the user
    • Improved system performance and stability
  • HTC One Preorder at DiGi from RM1269

    HTC One Preorder at DiGi from RM1269

    While the HTC One has yet to arrive, preorders have opened up, specifically under DiGi starting from RM1269. To be more specific, this price is for their DG Smart Plan 148 plan under a 24 months contract but you also have the option to preorder under the DG Smart Plan 58 and DG Smart Plan 88. Check out the plan details as below:

    DiGi HTC One Preorder Table.jpg

  • HTC One Camera Performance Even Better With Update

    HTC One Camera Performance Even Better With Update

    HTC One's Ultra-pixel camera has been noted for its much better low-light performance. However, when reviewed at the time, the daylight performance for the camera didn't turn out as well as expected as you could see just a little bit too much noise from shots resulting in a rather blurred effect. Thankfully, this was due to the software it was tested with as the latest software update has proven.

  • HTC One Coming to Malaysia and Everywhere Else Before The End of April

    HTC One Coming to Malaysia and Everywhere Else Before The End of April

    Right on the heels of the recent news regarding the HTC One delay is an official statement from HTC regarding said delay. While they haven't confirmed why the delays have happened, they have confirmed that 3 countries will get their HTC One shipments starting next week. These countries include United Kingdom, Germany and Taiwan. Other countries and markets are not so lucky. HTC has however promised that the HTC One will be released in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and most everywhere else before the end of April. While it may be a bit slower to the gate than Samsung's Galaxy S4, its always better late than never.

  • HTC CEO Peter Chou Stakes Job on HTC One Success

    HTC CEO Peter Chou Stakes Job on HTC One Success

    Belief is a powerful thing and the belief of people like HTC CEO Peter Chou for HTC's products must be out of this world. In a rather surprising move, HTC CEO Peter Chou has said that he would step down as CEO should the HTC One not be successful.

    Granted, HTC have not been doing very well with their other smartphone versions, but the HTC One is definitely a different Android smartphone. Amidst the current delays due to component shortage involving the HTC One, this claim by the HTC CEO sounds like a plea that users remain patient and give the HTC One a chance, at least until availability no longer becomes an issue for the HTC One.

  • HTC One Delayed

    HTC One Delayed

    Those looking to get their hands on a fresh and powerful HTC One smartphone may have to wait a little while longer as component shortages are causing delays in available stock. According to HTC this was because certain component suppliers didn't keep up their end of the deal, instead prioritizing on other brands and clients. According to them it was because shipment forecasts for HTC haven't been very good and as such, said component suppliers lowered down HTC's status down a tier or two. The components that seem to be short include the camera components (a deal breaker for the HTC One's Ultra-pixel cameras) and the metal casings.