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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Beats Competition in Early Benchmarks

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Beats Competition in Early Benchmarks

    As the impending bells of release for the Samsung Galaxy S4 sound, those with early access at Primate Labs have done early benchmarks on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and compared it with other smartphones in the same class. The results were impressive as the Samsung Galaxy S4 powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.9GHz processor beat all of the other smartphones using the Geekbench 2 benchmark.

  • HTC CEO Peter Chou Stakes Job on HTC One Success

    HTC CEO Peter Chou Stakes Job on HTC One Success

    Belief is a powerful thing and the belief of people like HTC CEO Peter Chou for HTC's products must be out of this world. In a rather surprising move, HTC CEO Peter Chou has said that he would step down as CEO should the HTC One not be successful.

    Granted, HTC have not been doing very well with their other smartphone versions, but the HTC One is definitely a different Android smartphone. Amidst the current delays due to component shortage involving the HTC One, this claim by the HTC CEO sounds like a plea that users remain patient and give the HTC One a chance, at least until availability no longer becomes an issue for the HTC One.

  • HTC One Delayed

    HTC One Delayed

    Those looking to get their hands on a fresh and powerful HTC One smartphone may have to wait a little while longer as component shortages are causing delays in available stock. According to HTC this was because certain component suppliers didn't keep up their end of the deal, instead prioritizing on other brands and clients. According to them it was because shipment forecasts for HTC haven't been very good and as such, said component suppliers lowered down HTC's status down a tier or two. The components that seem to be short include the camera components (a deal breaker for the HTC One's Ultra-pixel cameras) and the metal casings.

  • Google Nexus 5 Rumours: Nikon Inside?

    Google Nexus 5 Rumours: Nikon Inside?

    Quite a few people are waiting to see what Google have in store for us with their new-and-upcoming Nexus 5. Recent reports have stated that the Nexus 5 may use Nikon camera technology. The reports are rather vague on which technology is being used exactly except for the fact that it may use a triple sensor array. Whether or not this refers to a mini 3CCD Nikon sensor remains ambiguous but the reports claim that it is to be one of the main draws for the Nexus 5. While it isn't an ultra-pixel camera sensor like the one inside the HTC One, such a technology could mean a much better camera equipped smartphone for Google (provided the lens is equal as well).