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  • HTC Sensation 4G Review

    HTC Sensation 4G Review

    The HTC Sensation 4G is T-Mobile’s version of the phone known internationally as simply the HTC Sensation. 4G marketing aside, the handset brings the same powerful hardware and fluid software that make it the manufacturer’s latest flagship device. The Sensation 4G has been dubbed a superphone, and earns the title easily with its combination of devilishly good looks and killer user experience.

    HTC Sensation 4G - Processor Review:

    The top-notch hardware offered  by the HTC Sensation 4G makes using the phone effortless. HTC has hit the right note on almost every factor, from the dual-core chipset to the crisp and clear qHD display. All of this is bundled in a sleek unibody design that feels about as solid as a handset can.