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  • HTC Wildfire S Review

    HTC Wildfire S Review

    The HTC Wildfire S is here to take the baton from HTC’s entry-level Android phone for 2010, the hit HTC Wildfire. This time around it’s sporting a spruced up screen, a newer bake of Android and a luvverly metal shell.

    Wildfire S - Design and build quality:

    If the original Wildfire was a pico-sized version of the hit 2010 HTC Desire Android phone, so the HTC Wildfire S echoes the new look and design of its sequel, the HTC Desire S. Port placements are the same, the trackpad has been ditched in favour of responsive capacitive buttons below the display and it keeps that same beautiful metal build.

  • HTC Wildfire Review

    HTC Wildfire Review

    The HTC Wildfire is a budget phone in a pricier handset's body. Specifically, it's an HTC Tattoo in the sleek, metal body of an HTC Desire. Its low-resolution screen struggles to show the powerful Android operating system at its best, but, if you're looking to save some pennies, there's still plenty to love about the Wildfire.

    HTC Wildfire - Hardware:

    The phone has a solid feel – it doesn’t creak when the case is squeezed, and it feels robust. Like the Nexus One, the Wildfire has 4 capacitive buttons below the screen that are easily used, and not so close to the screen to be accidentally pressed. The buttons are the standard Android fare – Home, Menu, Back and Search – and their ordering is far more logical than, say, the order on the Nexus One.