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  • Intel announces 5th Generation Intel Core processor family, Cherry Trail and Curie Module

    Intel announces 5th Generation Intel Core processor family, Cherry Trail and Curie Module

    At CES 2015 Intel made quite a few announcements, but one of the most important was for the 5th Generation Intel Core processor family. Utilizing a 14nm fabrication process, the new Intel Core processors include Intel HD graphics and Intel Iris graphics based on the Intel Broadwell microarchitecture. While these new 5th Generation Intel Core processors will be making their way to notebooks, 2-in-1 devices, ultrabooks, chromebooks, mini PCs, desktops and other devices, Intel is also readying their new Cherry Trail range of processors for mobile devices. These Cherry Trail processors are also made using a 14nm fabrication process, offer 64-bit computing, Intel Generation 8-LP graphics and LTE-Advanced connectivity via the Intel XMM 726x platform for Cat6 speeds. We expect Cherry Trail tablets to arrive sometime in Q1 or Q2 of 2015 despite there being no Malaysia release dates or pricing details just yet. Here's what Intel had to say about Cherry Trail:

    "Intel’s 14nm, next-generation Intel Atom processor for tablets, “Cherry Trail”, will offer new user experiences such as Intel RealSense technology, no wires, no passwords and Intel® Context Aware™ technology capabilities, bringing new innovation and excitement to tablets. Intel RealSense Snapshot provides depth-sensing photo capabilities, giving people the power to change focus, take measurements, and add dynamic effects and motion to pictures with a touch of a finger. With its no wires capabilities, Cherry Trail enables tablets to wirelessly display content to a big screen or projector. Cherry Trail will also enable users to login with their face, fingerprint or a trusted device they assigned. Using an accelerometer, sound and light sensors, and information from the cloud, Intel Context Aware technology can determine the context or environment someone is in and provide information based on those surroundings."