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  • KINGMAX Upgrade SD and microSD Memory Cards

    KINGMAX Upgrade SD and microSD Memory Cards

    Recently, KINGMAX have upgraded their SD and microSD memory card product ranges to SD PRO and microSD PRO. The new cards feature an Ultra High Speed (UHS) boost which increases read and write performance. The KINGMAX SD PRO memory cards have been designed for photographers and videographers, speeding up sequential shots and HD video capture. The SDXC PRO memory card is perfectly compatible with UHS-I devices but works with Class 4, 6 and 10 devices as well. The new KINGMAX SDHC and SDXC PRO memory card offer the follow features:

    • Supports UHS-I speed mode SDR104, CPRM, ECC
    • High speed Full HD still image/recording
    • wear leveling
    • 16GB / 32GB (SDHC PRO), 64GB (SDXC PRO)
    • Up to 80MB/s read
    • 24x32x2.1 mm