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  • Draw in the air with the Logbar Ring

    Draw in the air with the Logbar Ring

    The computer scene in the movie Minority Report may have visualized it best, but everyone dreams of writing in the air and having it appear on your computer, smartphone or other device. While there are a whole bunch of motion controlled wearables coming, the Logbar Ring could well allow us all to write in the air once more. Currently a Kickstarter crowd-funding project, the Logbar Ring is a bluetooth device which allows you to write or gesture in the air, interpret these gestures and send them to your device of choice, sort of like an air keyboard. It also gets notifications but the main focus of the Logbar Ring is for gesture control. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, even smart watches and Google Glass, and you can customize gestures as you will. In terms of design the Logbar Ring looks like a large thick ring and can do 1000 gestures on a single charge. Logbar have already reached their Kickstarter goal with another 30 days to go so you can still get the Ring set from $165 (RM540). The Logbar Ring will be shipped in July 2014. Check out Logbar Ring site for more information.