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  • Premium dual-SIM Nokia 515 featurephone announced

    Premium dual-SIM Nokia 515 featurephone announced

    Recently announced with their other featurephones is the Nokia 515. Taking notes in terms of design and quality from smartphones, the premium quality Nokia 515 features an aluminum unibody, curved and polarized Gorilla Glass 2 and hardened polycarbonate resin keyboard. Coming in black and white, the design is simply awesome and from the back you could easily mistake it for an Apple iPhone if you didn't see the large Nokia emblazoned down the back. In terms of tech specs, the Nokia 515 includes the following:

    • 2.4-inch QVGA display
    • 5MP camera (LED flash, Voice activated self portraits, sequential shots, panorama)
    • 256MB storage + up to 32GB microSD card
    • Supports 3.5G + Bluetooth 3.0
    • Single-SIM / Dual-SIM
    • 38 day standby battery (Single SIM)