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  • Rumours: Nokia Asha 502 makes appearance

    Rumours: Nokia Asha 502 makes appearance

    While it may probaby get it's official announcement at the confirmed Nokia World event on 22 October 2013, serial leaker @evleaks has just shown off leaked images of the Nokia Asha 502. Going for a similar look as the Nokia Asha 501 but with a curved clear plastic casing surrounding the polycarbonate backplate, the newer model has a number of tech specs and features that the previous version doesn't. This includes the aforementioned transparent casing but also includes what appears to be an LED flash. Other tech specs include dual SIM and WiFi connectivity along with 6 colours to choose from such as black, blue, green, red, yellow and white. From all accounts, it looks like Nokia won't stop at just the 502 as a rumoured Nokia Asha 503 is also supposedly under development as well. Unfortunately, no Malaysia release dates or pricing just yet, but we'll find out soon.

  • Rumours: Curved glass Nokia Asha 502 and 503 coming soon?

    Rumours: Curved glass Nokia Asha 502 and 503 coming soon?

    Another day another Nokia codename surfaces, this time in the form of the Nokia Lanai, which according to rumours, should eventually be called the Nokia Asha 503. Looking a lot like the Nokia Asha 501 right down to the curved corners and plastic backplate, the main difference here is that there will be a capacitive Back key and the entire front screen will be covered with curved glass. Other features or tech specs include a 5MP rear camera with LED flash along with a dual-SIM version as well. The other codename would be the Nokia Pegasus which refers to the Nokia Asha 502. Unfortunately, no news about the 502 or pricing and release dates in Malaysia just yet. We're thinking that the announcement should be any day now, as these renderings look like the real deal.