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  • Nokia C6 Review

    Nokia C6 Review

    The Nokia C6 has been around for some time now, its Nokia's mid range smart phone which is almost identical to the N97 mini, which was previously a part of its high end segment. The Nokia C series consists of their more affordable range of phones that do well for the masses and are not short of features too. In other words, its like the "VFM" series they got. The Nokia C6, C6-01 and the C7 are the high end models of the C series, all having pretty different features and have their won style.

    Nokia C6 - Design and Build:

    The Phone looks almost identical to the 5800XM when the keyboard is hidden, in fact, the C6 is basically a 5800XM with a slide out QWERTY keyboard and an upgraded camera. The Keyboard is actually nice, has a good feel to it. The backlight is also nice, but there seems to be a glitch, at times the keys dont get illuminated or take a few seconds to turn on, but no major issue. When the keyboard slides out, it does not make an angle like the N97 mini and just slides out straight. On one side of the phone, you have your volume control buttons, a switch for the screen lock and camera button, all pretty nowmal, nothing great.
    Overall, the phone feels solid and very well built.