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    updated: 22-06-2011

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  • Nokia Oro Review: Premium Nokia with Gold, Saphire and Leather!

    Nokia Oro Review: Premium Nokia with Gold, Saphire and Leather!

    We all know the C7 has been around for quite some time. If anyone is interested in a mid-range Nokia Symbian™ powered smartphone then I’m sure they have already considered and reviewed the specs of the C7.

    However those people looking at Nokia for their smartphone solution are becoming a dying breed with only a few "Hard-core" fans still trying to defend the Symbian™ OS. Unfortunately Nokia’s Symbian™ OS is now slipping further and further behind Android™ and iOS.

    So what are Nokia doing to justify a Premium price for what is in effect a mediocre excuse for a smartphone. Well the answer is simple. The Nokia ORO is aimed at footballers, their wives, Russian gangsters (allegedly) and wealthy Middle Eastern oil barrens. I hasten to say that these aren’t Nokias actual words about the Nokia ORO but they have said that the Russian market is one of their strongest for this type of device.

  • Nokia C7 Review

    Nokia C7 Review

    Nokia is all about creativity and style that suits the requirements of the local people. Nokia C7 can be regarded as just a reflection of Nokia N8 which has been polished and reframed. Nokia C7 is a global GSM phone which suits to the need to of the youths who want multiple facilities in a single device.

    Nokia C7 - Design & Build:

    Nokia C7 is one beautiful phone which has been given a sleek look and a mesmerizing finish. The phone can be said as a curvy and pebble-esque phone which has its call and call end buttons right below the big screen. There is a 3.5 inch AMOLED display screen which is very mush similar to the Nokia N8. The screen appears to be very shiny and scratch resistance which makes it ideal for the ladies.