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  • Nokia C7 Review

    Nokia C7 Review

    Nokia is all about creativity and style that suits the requirements of the local people. Nokia C7 can be regarded as just a reflection of Nokia N8 which has been polished and reframed. Nokia C7 is a global GSM phone which suits to the need to of the youths who want multiple facilities in a single device.

    Nokia C7 - Design & Build:

    Nokia C7 is one beautiful phone which has been given a sleek look and a mesmerizing finish. The phone can be said as a curvy and pebble-esque phone which has its call and call end buttons right below the big screen. There is a 3.5 inch AMOLED display screen which is very mush similar to the Nokia N8. The screen appears to be very shiny and scratch resistance which makes it ideal for the ladies.