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  • Nokia X7 Review

    Nokia X7 Review

    Nokia’s X7 was launched concurrently with the Finnish company releasing the new version of its Symbian mobile platform, Anna. Together with the E6, the X7 is shipping with Anna on board, and many Nokia and Symbian fans out there will love the smartphone. Espoo is referring to the X7 as an entertainment phone, and it delivers in that department, no matter if we’re talking pictures, video or music content. 

    Nokia X7 - Screen:

    Experience all the thrills of high-definition gaming on the massive 4” touch screen. Enjoy the very best HD games from leading publishers – all available at Ovi Store. The screen offers real 16:9 aspect ratio (the one used for 1080p videos) thanks to the nHD resolution which is 640 by 360 pixels. The AMOLED screen reproduces the images and multimedia content in general very well, with (not over) saturated colors and deep blacks, as you’d expect. Text is well legible with no jerky edges and the colored icons look good on the (almost absolute) black background.

  • Nokia E6 Review

    Nokia E6 Review


    The Nokia E6 is a slimly designed 3G Smartphone complete with a responsive touch screen & a full QWERTY keyboard. This is an amazing business phone with easy to use call, messaging, Internet, camera, music & video playback, assisted GPS navigation features & so much more. Documents can be emailed, viewed & edited on the Nokia E6 making it the perfect business companion. Its built in battery provides its user with outstanding battery performance allowing the user to use their handset for longer without the need to continuously recharge. The Nokia E6 supports the Symbian Anna operating system which is incredibly user friendly with an intuitive user interface.