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  • Pebble Time Steel released from $250 (RM906)

    Pebble Time Steel released from $250 (RM906)

    While the sequal to the Pebble smartwatch, the Pebble Time has already been announced and successfully funded several times over, it is now the turn of the Pebble Time Steel version. Tech specs and features are mostly the same except for an increased 10-day battery life along with an extra leather strap. While it looks and works the same as the Pebble Time smartwatch, the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch sports a more premium metallic design. This is reflected in the amount of pledge it starts from, which is $250 (RM906). It is set for a retail price of $300 (RM1087) so you do get some savings and you can also upgrade from Pebble Time to Pebble Steel without losing your place in line. The Pebble Time Steel is available as an additional pledge for the original Pebble Time Kickstarter campaign. Check out the video for yourself in this article.

  • Pebble Time smartwatch launched, offers colour e-paper display and 7-day battery life

    Pebble Time smartwatch launched, offers colour e-paper display and 7-day battery life

    The Pebble Time smartwatch has been officially launched with a brand new Kickstarter campaign that has already reached it's funding goal of $500000 within minutes of being announced (as of the time of writing, the campaign has already reached $7.4 million). The most notable features of the Pebble Time smartwatch includes it's colour e-paper screen and a new user interface. Other differences include a thinner and lighter design at 9.5mm thin but it retains a 7-day battery life. The colour screen is protected by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass while the underside is curved somewhat to fit the shape of your wrist. It is also water resistant enough for you to go swimming with it. While you can wait for it to appear at third-party sellers you can go to the Kickstarter campaign direct and pledge for a Pebble Time smartwatch from $179 (RM648) but bear in mind that there may be extra shipping fees. No Malaysia release dates but it should start shipping in May 2015. The regular retail price will be set at $199 (RM720) in the next 30 days so get a move on if you want one.